The President’s Award for Excellence in Academic Integration:

Criteria and Guidelines for Nominations


The President’s Award for Excellence in Academic Integration is given to a full-time member of the faculty of the University who has exhibited extraordinary achievement in the integration of teaching, research or creative accomplishments, and service.


Criteria and Guidelines

  1. The award is intended to celebrate accomplishments that are consistent with the President’s goal for Penn State to be a premier University in the integration of teaching, research, and service.  As such, the record of integration should reflect the individual’s accomplishments as a Penn State faculty member, although the person’s achievements throughout his or her career may be considered.
  2. The award recognizes broad integration across the full spectrum of teaching effectiveness; research and scholarship; and service to the University, the public, and the profession, rather than narrowly focused instances of integration.
  3. Nominees are expected to have shown excellence in each of the three areas of endeavor, combined with a common integrative thread that ties them together. It is therefore expected that nominees will have been recognized in one or more of the areas through previous citations or awards at the college, University, or national levels.
  4. Nominees’ achievements should be of such distinction that they have already earned the rank of Professor.


Nomination Materials

  1. A nomination packet, including a curriculum vitae, should comprise no more than 30 pages. The packet should be stapled or held by a binder clip.  Do not use a notebook or spiral bind the packet.
  2. The packet should include detailed letters of support from the department or division head and the dean of the college indicating the nature of the candidate’s integrated excellence.
  3. The packet should include evidence of superior teaching (including student letters and evaluations); research and scholarship; and service to the University, public, or profession.
  4. The packet should include up to three letters of support from professional colleagues in and outside the University that speak to the nominee’s major achievements, especially innovative approaches developed by the individual to engage the public (constituencies that are not traditionally engaged by the discipline).