Faculty Handbooks


faculty-mari-2016The primary Penn State Faculty Handbook is an orientation and reference guide for all faculty, but especially for new, full-time faculty. Its content enables faculty to locate and use a wide range of University resources and contains information about overall University operations, as well as policies, guidelines, and support units that offer services of interest to faculty.

The University also publishes and periodically updates a handbook geared toward part-time faculty.

Both handbooks are intended for use as general reference tools rather than as official sources of University policies and guidelines. They are not intended to be definitive on policy matters, and they do not grant substantive contractual rights to University employees. Nothing contained in the faculty handbooks shall negate the right of the University to augment or change its policies applicable to University employees. Consult the University’s comprehensive policy website for more information.

If you have questions about a particular issue, be sure to consult your department head, human resources representative, director of academic affairs, or director of business services. You can obtain from them the most recent copy of the relevant University policy.

Faculty also are encouraged to refer to the University Faculty Senate website, which includes a variety of resources for faculty, including the frequently updated Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual.

Revisions and suggestions for future versions of both handbooks are welcome. Send any feedback to the Executive Vice President and Provost of the University, 201 Old Main.